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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 22, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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to a stranded sheep facing -- >> a 2600-foot fall. a child wanders away and false down falls down. see the miracle in the middle of the street. a crazy youtube channel. >> he's dedicated to licking. >> he explains how his hard obsession has hard and fast rules. >> absolutely. i always carry this. and a wife calms her husband with a fake check. the revenge prank that was so worth the wait. oh, no! this is tripping mountain. this is in wales. >> we have to rescue something
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not a dog, not a cat. it's sheep. >> a 2600-foot fall. they are rappelling down from the summit to get to this thing. once they get down there, it was like, i'm having a good time, what are you guys doing here? they didn't give any details about how he got there. if you noticed, look what it's doing. it's not even out of the bag. >> the poor thing is attacking the grass, it must be starving. >> of course it's hungry and it's eating. the good thing is they were able to get it down. >> it doesn't want to be bothered by the people, it's like, leave me alone. >> i don't think this possum enjoyed it, it looks like a sock or shoe hanging from a power line. >> oh, no. >> these traffic workers happened to be in the area and
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because of this. they don't want to become prey. >> the possum probably went out there thinking, i'm going to get away from this hawk. it didn't work. >> not a hawk, a starling. this thing had been under attack by starlings so it needed a rescue. at first the guy put it up there, then said, i think i better take this thing all the way back down. we've seen this image before. a toddler walking unattended right onto the street. she falls down. that was probably the luckiest thing that could have happened right before this. >> that was a miracle. i mean, there was no reason for her to slip.
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slips right there. >> in the exact right spot, because that man went right over her, right between the tires. >> and everybody around her seems to be clueless that the girl just defied death. it was fortunate for the driver with the rearview camera. >> whoa, whoa! >> it looks like they were either -- the guy with the rear facing camera as this juken video starts moving forward. the traffic moves forward but the guy in the truck doesn't pay attention. you'll see why. >> did you see what he just threw over to the passenger seat? according to the person who posted this video, the driver was distracted. >> you can see the side of his
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after the impact you see the exhaust of the diesel, he mashed the gas instead of the break. >> the driver is startled, gets out of the car. he bought his car back from the insurance, everything will be fine. his insurance will probably be hiked. if you are afraid of heights, i apologize in advance. these daredevils are headed hundreds of feet up a crane. and they're going to start tiptoeing along the edge. >> i like the fact that they went to the crane yard. >> that's where to go for cranes. >> let's go climb a crane. where do you go? the crane parking lot. >> stop it!
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>> you want to do some pull-ups? >> it gives me the hebrew heebie-jeebies. >> underwear with extra support. >> yes, that's what you need. >> here are the two dare did he havel daredevils. >> look, the dude is holding that board in place. >> i'll give them credit, proving physics. >> would you do that? >> uh-uh. >> how high would each of us get? >> if you gave us a ladder and said, go climb, who would get
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>> i wouldn't be able to swallow my pride, so i would keep going. these firefighters in a remote area of russia have come across a home on fire. >> they've got a difficult job ahead of them. but the most dangerous part of this fire is the danger that you just can't see. >> no warning at all. none. >> the firefighters did know that the propane tanks in the home, because the landlord told them about it. firefighters were able to find one propane tank but were never able to find the other. >> it blew up right in his face. >> propane tanks aren't really supposed to explode like that. even as bad as that looks, the firefighters were not injured. >> how scary for everybody who
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you never know, it could have been so much worse. >> a nearly deadly situation because of a propane tank, but for far different reasons. >> okay. it's not like a fence he was trying to jump over. >> he had apparently climbed underneath the propane tank to find shelter during a snowstorm. the deer was there long enough for the snow and ice to pile up. >> they get stuck everywhere. >> the guy grabs the deer by the hind leg. >> of course. why wouldn't you run straight to
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he's the guy who's got a taste for the extreme. >> this is the licking guy. >> meet the mysterious masked dude who says -- >> it's all about the rush. and this, my friends, is an ice jam. >> why this drone video gives a new meaning to cool view. s olive garden' s new take on lighter italian fare. three new mediterranean inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi saute ed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories.
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you can save over 500 bucks that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. this segment brought to you by ice and the state of michigan. we start in michigan where the michigan drone pros have captured this amazing footage.
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it's pretty incredible. the national weather service issued a flood warning. this is the grand river. flooding. >> awful. >> no way, you're entombed in eyes in your own home. >> it's beautiful. i just wouldn't want to be a part of it. >> exactly. it's amazing footage they were able to get. >> you used the word "amazing," from the record. it's cold. >> it's a winter iceland. this video captured by ben molnar, he has the drone up north channel on vimeo. he says he got stuck in the ice.
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on our planet. >> certainly a desert. >> think about it, this ship was minding its own business and the water froze around it. he says he believes an icebreaker broke it out. he says around noon the next day it was gone. he believes it may have been there about a day or so. >> it's like an abandoned ship. >> note to hollywood, get some of these people to start shooting video, you'll have stock footage for days. i came across this video and knew i had struck gold. a guy in his car chasing down the locomotive. i thought he must just be a fan of trains. luckily for him, it has stopped on the tracks. approaching this large
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you could guess until you're blue in the face as to what this guy is up to. you'll never guess. he's wearing a ski mask, he's totally covered. there he goes. he runs up to lick the train. >> this is the licking guy. >> he's got an entire youtube channel dedicated to licking weird things. how about a large high tension power pylon? he jumps the gate. it. here is another, he goes into a large retailer. >> frozen turkeys. >> one last one. a large crane. he goes in to lick the crane. and he succeeds. i know the questions are many. let's meet the licking guy
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the burning question i guess is a simple, easy one to start why? >> i always wanted to start a youtube channel. i saw a few similar channels out there and i said, let me take it to the next level. that's what i did. >> it's not a fetish. >> it's not a fetish at all. it's not about really the licking. it's about getting there. >> does your significant other know what i do? >> yes, and that's the only person that knows. mask? >> yes, to keep my identity secret. >> do you take requests? what's it going to take to get you to lick me? >> i'll be more than happy to work with you guys. >> is there anything you won't lick? >> yes. i tend to lick unusual objects
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i'm not someone who's going to pick up a piece of paper or a bottle and lick it. it's all about the rush. it's about feeling that adrenaline. >> what's number one on your lick-it list? >> a wind turbine is my number one video. none >> do you wash your teeth? >> absolutely. i always carry a really unusual unusual -- it's out of this world. >> give us a "right this minute" lick. >> yay!
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epic fantasy saga with a twist. next "right this minute." and still to come, percussionists bring their hammers to the park. >> they're going to vibe out. >> how they make music magic when they rock out. plus the kid who's mastered skiing. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football. marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, to help him. take your finger and press it right here. sfx: camera shutter, buzz, bloop. yay, you got it. intuit turbo tax. i wanted to earn an mba, but i didn't want to spend my time studying material i already knew.
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headed up to a park. >> the park is most famously known for a field of boulders that when struck with a hammer sound resonant. >> they book portable recorders and are going to vibe out with these rocks. >> they got the high end. now i feel like they need to go off in the woods and find a hollow log for the bass. >> you've got to imagine that one of the coolest things about being a parent is teaching your kid how to ski.
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skis. but apparently those simple instructions are a little boring for this legal ittle fellow who is so unamused by this instructor, he falls asleep in the middle of his ski trip. >> i think dad is recording him go down. >> ironically this child while asleep is a better ski are than i am. >> no problem while snoozing. >> i had really weird dreams, dad. so strange. >> he does it again in this next video, he's still napping. >> this video was actually shared on our facebook page. this is 16-month-old izzy. apparently they've been trying to get her to wake up. they tried everything. nothing would work. suddenly they decided to just take her ice cream while she was sleeping.
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cream, i like it. >> has to be one of the greatest ways to wake up in the world. >> i think we need a new alarm clock system that does that. >> it's like smelling salts for children. a mother and son team up to pull a revenge prank on dad. >> and they pulled out all the stops. >> why this one's sure to make him put his money where his
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inspired by them, you're already ahead. the guy always wanted to prank dad. they're going to make him believe he's getting a settlement check worth over $100,000. and they've pulled out all the stops as well, with the official-looking letter, the
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we skip forward to just after once the nfl envelope has been delivered. the son and his mother are having one of those conversations. dad sits down with his glasses to investigate his mail. he holds the letter, reaches inside, finds the check, then it's the greatest day ever. >> i can't believe this. >> that's how you know the person is shocked and happy. >> all the way down to the cents. >> you know what, guys, that was
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>> oh, no, no, no! >> it's an important lesson. if you give, you shall receive. >> a lesson he should have remembered just a few seconds later when the son says -- >> and dad's response? [ bleep ]. >> the son calls him out on it. he says, let me see the check.
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>> oh, man, you poor schmuck. thanks for watching everyone. we love you. we'll see you on the next "right
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winter's next hit...snow will
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